Tuesday, May 20, 2014

{practicing in daily life}

I loved all the practices we did throughout the course. I especially liked the subtle mind and meditation ones. The loving-kindness and visualization ones were nice, however it was easier for me to get into the other ones just because they were more relaxing and less thinking was involved. I know I can use all of these exercises in my life, at different times of need of course, and I have already. I love to do deep breathing exercises so the subtle mind one will be the most beneficial for me. I like to practice awareness and mindfulness by deep breathing and focusing on my breath. I can usually draw my attention back to this even in the midst of shopping or other stressful situations! Visualization actually could be used in my morning routine, as I fill out a morning and evening journal, so at the same time I could take some time to visualize how my day might go and how I would like it to go. 


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  1. Hi Tayla,
    I also loved the mediation practices, working with Prek I don’t really get a quiet minuet all day until they take naps, which some of them still stay up during that time period. I love using those exercises before I head out to work in the morning or after I put my kids down for bed at night when I have a piece of mind for a few minutes before I fall face first into a pillow. The exercises were so calming and that music gave me ideals to find radio stations that play that same type of music when I need that pick me up. Great post!!!!