Thursday, April 10, 2014

{level of wellbeing}

On a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being optimal wellbeing), I would rate my physical wellbeing at an 8, my spiritual wellbeing at a 6, and my psychological wellbeing at a 7. I would describe myself as being physically fit and healthy, however I do have some ailments that bother me (knee and back pain, etc.) and although I eat pretty much all organic and healthy foods, I still could be healthier with other things (I drink Monster energy drinks every day!). My spiritual wellbeing is good, but not great. I'm not really religious, but I do believe in some higher power or energy. And my psychological wellbeing is improving, but still could use some help. I suffered with anorexia and depression for ten years, which has taken its toll on me both physically and mentally. I still have anxiety and negative thoughts. 
A goal for my physical health is to improve my posture to help ease my back pain and to ice regularly (which I happen to be doing as I write this!). A goal for my spiritual wellbeing is to take 15 minutes each day and just sit quietly with my thoughts. And for my psychological health, I would like to continue my deep breathing to control my anxiety.
In order to move forward with these goals, I want to implement more focused meditation and breathing, which will help me slow down and focus in on what is really important. Also, patience would be a good thing to practice, as change takes time and it can be difficult. 

The rainbow meditation was really nice and helpful. I found each part of it to be very relaxing and especially liked the grounding aspect of being a tree with roots deep enough to stay grounded but able to sway in the wind. This is the way I would like to live my life, able to sway with each event that happens, but able to stay true to who I am and to stay grounded. 



  1. Tayla! I love your blog! Thanks for being so open. One of my physical goals is to improve my posture too! You see like you like to be physically active. Do you practice yoga?

  2. Tayla,
    I commend you on such an open and thought out blog. I had back pain a few years ago and found several things worked for me. First I started to take hot baths in Epsom salt which was very effective after a while. I also bought a Shaihatsu chair massage device that goes onto any chair and has rollers and heat that go up and down your back. I use this twice a week and it is so effective that my back pain has nearly disappeared. I enjoyed the description of the grounded tree and have actually used that visualization in the past. Being grounded is so important to our overall health because it brings stability when things start going into a tail spin.

  3. Hi Tayla!

    Thank you for opening up and telling us about your personal concerns. I had a hard time doing that in mine, but I am glad to see I am not alone. I love the tree photo too at the end of the post! I can really relate to when you said you're not religious, because neither am I, but I wanted to point out that spirituality does not have to be about religion. It can be about your own beliefs of a higher power you spoke of. I have some anxiety issues too, and am glad to hear the deep breathing works for you, it sometimes does for me. I think patience is a good thing to practice too, but what are some ways you plan to practice it?

  4. I don't see Monster energy drinks as a bad thing, I just wish the cans came in single servings! I always feel obligated to finish an entire can, even if it's two servings, because I dislike being wasteful. The ones with the lids are way too big and get stale even with the lid.

    I can also definitely use a little patience. I feel like everything needs to be done and finished right now and with that attitude I feel like I barely get anything done. Trying to focus on one thing at a time might definitely help me.