Tuesday, April 22, 2014

{practicing loving-kindness}

My experience with the loving-kindness exercise was interesting. Usually I love doing these types of exercises but today, for some reason I just was not into it at all. I felt as though I just couldn't relax and my mind was elsewhere the whole time. I thought a lot about what I had left to do for the day and that was a huge distraction. I would recommend this exercise to others even though it was hard for me for the simple reason of it being beneficial for our minds to take a moment and at least try to relax. 

The concept of a 'mental workout' is basically the same as any other workout or type of practice. Without practice and commitment our goals will not be achieved, weather it be a goal of becoming better at running or becoming more mindful. Practice is the only way to get better. Incorporating mental workouts into our daily lives can be hard at first, but just like any other goal, if we begin slowly with exercises like the one above, peace and mindfulness become easier each time we sit down and relax.


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  1. I just wasn't feeling it either. Sometimes if one kind of workout doesn't feel right, try another! I enjoy music the most. Definitely agree that getting better at mental exercises hinges on lots of practice.